Mediumship Readings

Love never dies. When we die our energy and spirit doesn’t die, it simply changes. Our loved ones are always with us loving and supporting us whenever we need them, but man wouldn’t it be great to hear from them? That’s where I come in. I’m an evidential medium, meaning I can connect with those who have passed away, and can bring through specific evidence and messages that help you to know it is really is your loved ones. This can be incredibly healing, and helps you to know death is not the end. Readings can be done in person or via zoom, (yes your loved ones work through WiFi!). These tend to be an hour in length.

Tarot/Angel Card Readings

Using a method of guidance that goes back thousands of years, I use various types of tarot cards to help provide guidance and reassurance about your life now and any advice you have been seeking. I also use Angel oracle cards to provide more clear advice, and other spirit decks to enhance the reading to help you feel confident in what your angels want you to know. Your team spirit is always there for you whenever you ask for them! Readings generally are 30 min in length.

Custom Hand painted Wine Glasses

Not interested in a reading? That’s okay! Maybe your’e just a little sassy and love wine or maybe art? Maybe you’d love some wine art! I make custom wine glasses to meet all kinds of wants. Got an idea? Throw it my way! It makes drinking your wine so much more fun out of a colorful hand painted glass!